We're Excited to Announce our All Level, 2-Hr Swiss Ball Workshop

Is 'Sitting On It' the Only Thing You

Do With Your Swiss Ball?

Did you know that the Swiss Ball is one of the most effective tools around, there are literally 100's of really great exercises that you can do with it,

both at home and in the gym.

Benefits of Swiss Ball Training

Want to Learn Some Awesome Exercises to Do With Your Swiss Ball?

Need To Improve Your Core Strength & Balance?

Want to Burn More Calories than Your Regular Workout?

The Swiss Ball is one of the most common exercise tools around, they're in every gym and most homes have one too. Do you know what to actually do with it?

If you need to improve your Core Strength and improve your Balance, then the Swiss Ball is the perfect tool, it can also help burn more calories than regular gym exercises due to the number of stabiliser muscles that are required.

There are lots of benefits to Swiss Ball Training

  • Improves Core Strength– Due to the number of stabiliser muscles that are required when performing exercises on the ball.

  • Improves Functional Strength – Targets multiple muscle groups that help with everyday tasks and daily life.

  • Improves Balance - As we get older our balance deterioates, this can be reversed with regular balance training.

  • Fun and Versatile Workouts – The Swiss Ball can add a unique twist to many regular gym exercises.

  • Great for Joint Health - As the exercises are low impact you will strengthen your connective tissues throughout the joints without placing them under undue stress

  • Relieve Back Pain - Using a Swiss Ball you can switch on many deep stabiliser muscles, which will help to relieve back pain.

  • Variety - You can add variety to some of your regular gym exercises

  • Improve Your Posture - Using the swiss ball can help to improve posture

Once you've done this workshop you'll be able to safely and effectively workout with your Swiss Ball at home or at the gym.

Jill and Her Kettlebell

'The Stability Ball is likely one of the most versatile pieces of equipment. It’s fun, it’s easy to use and everybody from young to old literally finds the stability ball to be something unique, effective, inexpensive and productive. Another unique feature about the stability ball is that it employs the neuromuscular system in a way that no other piece of exercise equipment can.'

About the Workshop

This all level Swiss Ball workshop will show you EXACTLY how to use the Swiss Ball to get an amazing workout.

You will be given full instruction during the workshop, and will leave with a full program and access to videos after the event so that you can continue your practice at home.

We'll be taking an in-depth look at the how to use the Swiss Ball to improve strength, balance, posture and relieve back pain. Highly Experienced instructors, Dan and Jill (Both Chek Integrated Movement Specialists), will show you lots of different ways to use the Swiss Ball.

All ability levels are welcome.


Additional Online Support:

Often, when you go to these workshops you're full of enthusiam, but when you go back to your notes 2 weeks later you can't make head nor tail of them??

Not with us!

Not only will you get a great 2-hour workshop, but you'll also get access to full instructional videos and a bonus HIIT workout for you to use when you get home.

- Full written program and guide from the day

- Video tutorials of the exercises covered with a bonus HIIT Workout video for Earlybird bookings


The workshop will be held at 'Organic Pilates Studio' in Langley Park, DH79XE. Behind the Old Co-op, on Front St. On street parking.


Sunday 7th June, 2020- 10am-12pm


The Cost for the Workshop which will include all the instructional videos and a full written program is £69.

Earlybird Offer - Sign Up Before 20th May 2020, for Special Offer Price of £48


There will be Swiss Balls available on the day, or you can bring your own if you have one.


There are limited spaces available.

To book your space please click the below Paypal Link to secure your space today.

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